About the Danish Map Supply

SDFE (Agency for Datasupply and Efficiency) provides public authorities, citizens and businesses with free and reliable data that creates value in society. The Danish Map Supply is SDFE’s distribution channel that provides easy access to nationwide and up-to-date data when you need them: Therefore, it's not necessary to invest time and resources in maintaining your own data.

The free data from the Danish Map Supply is used in many contexts and for different purposes. Do you want to see where data already contributes to creating value? Then you can see a large number of examples of how data from The Danish Map Supply has been put into play at brugstedet.

About the data

Distribution type:
The descriptions are relevant regardless of distribution type as the basis for data is the same.
The data sets are divided into raster or vector formats. See list

Web services:
The Danish Map Supply data can be obtained from a number of web services as e.g. WMS or WFS. Here you can see an overview of the Danish Map Supply webservices https://kortforsyningen.dk/indhold/webtjenesteliste

Predefined queries - FTP server:
A host of predefined sections of data sets are readily available for download. These are both sections of historical data sets and sections from updated data sets that are updated regularly to reflect the newest available data. E.g. the matricular maps are updated every two months.
User defined sections - KFdownload :
Contract customers are offered the opportunity to acquire user defined sections of geodata in a defined geographical area defined by the user. Sections are based on a user-selected administrative unit (e.g. municipality or cadastral zoning) or a bounding box (max 450 square kilometers). Data can be delivered in a range of standard GIS formats and coordinate systems on download kortforsyningen.

To read more about the specific data and its characteristics click here

Rights and Terms 

The Authority provides a worldwide, free, non-exclusive, and unlimited right of access to data, which is free, inter alia. can:
copied, distributed and published, changed and compounded with other material - Used commercially and non-commercially,

Data may not be used in such a way that the authority may approve, support, recommend or market the user, the user's products or services.
It must be ensured that the use of data is in accordance with Danish law.

Please note that there are special terms for using GeoDanmark data –click here to read more about the terms for using GeoDanmark-data

The Authority enforces its copyright. When data is used, the user must:

in a reasonable place suitable for the distribution medium insert the following:
 "Contains data from Styrelsen for dataforsyning og effektivisering"
The name of the data set (s)
Time when the data set (s) are retrieved from the authority or in the case of a data service.
(eg: "Contains data from Styrelsen for dataforsyning og effektivisering, "Kort 10", January 2016."
Or: "Contains data from Geodatastyrelsen, Matrikel kort, WMS Service").
Ensure that the source appears on the front of the service, if other sources are also mentioned on the cover page.
Make a copy of these terms, available to third parties using a link.
The conditions above also apply if the user passes data from styrelsen for dataforsyning og effektivisering to third parties.

Authority's rights and responsibilities:
Data is made available as they are and the authority has no responsibility for content, origin, errors or omissions or any kind of damage that may result from the use of data.
The Authority does not guarantee the continued provision of data.
The Authority may at any time change the right of use of data and the terms and conditions.


How to create a user 
How to download data

For further assistance or questions, feel free to contact our support-team:
e-mail: support@sdfe.dk
tlf.: +4578768792